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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Tagged Again!

1. What were three of the stupidest things you have done in your life?

Eating whatever I wanted when I could get away with it. The eating habits of my teenage years stuck with me, but my very high metabolism got a case of mono.

Choosing my skanky drug dealing boyfriend that needed me over the cute stable good 'ole southern boy that wanted me. Double stupidity for giving him the "Let's just be friends" speech the morning after and being a complete bitch about the whole thing to convince my very jealous boyfriend that it was a one-night fling.

Taking up drinking and drugs when I knew my dad had alcohol "issues".

2. At the current moment, who has the most influence in your life?

Considering we spend pretty much 24 hours a day, 7 days a week together, I think David wins that contest hands down. Nonetheless, the Boo, my philosophy professor, my mum-in-law, and Luke Ford are all close runners up at the moment. (Luke mostly because he has a surprising amount of influence on David, and it spills over to my side of the office on occasion, such as this whole crazy blogging thing.)

3. If you were given a time machine that functioned, and you were allowed to only pick up to five people to dine with, who would you pick?

Ok, pondered this far too much and came up with the following - Benjamin Franklin because he was sbrilliantrillant and funny. Lucius Cornellius Sulla just to find out how many of those crazy stories in First Man in Rome might be true. King David to get a better idea of what a mortal man after God's own heart is really like. Jesus Christ, for obvious reasons, and so I'll feel safer being the only woman at lunch with Ben Franklin, King David, and Lucius Cornellius Sulla. And, last, Plato, just to see intellectualtellitual discourse with all these great minds, and to see him have a philosophical discussion with Jesus. I think that would be cool.

4. If you had three wishes that were not supernatural, what would they be? To see David's book series be successful on a "Star Wars", "Lord of the Rings" kind of scale.

To have more Starwood points/Frequent Flyer Miles than I would ever know what to do with.

Free college tuition for life.

5. Someone is visiting your hometown/place where you live at the moment. Name two things you regret your city not having, and two things people should avoid.

I regret OC not having a decent goth/industrial club scene, at least not that I've been able to locate.

I also regret the lack of any kind of decent public transportation system.

People should avoid the freeways because the traffic is unpredictable and trying to drive through the Crush is a wonderful way to suddenly find yourself half-way to San Diego if you don't know where you are going.

You should also avoid any hotel that says it is "near Disneyland", since from what I've been able to tell that can be translated as being located anywhere from next to Seaworld to being in West Hollywood, both of which would probably be in completely different states on the East Coast.

6. Name one event that has changed your life.

This would have to be the first time I agreed to marry David, which was about a month after we started going out (though to be fair we had been friends for a couple years). The silly side of me says this is because it was the only way I could get David to give it up before Marriage, the serious side of me says that in some way we could not explain we both knew this was it for both of us. I don't know how serious we were at the time, but it's been almost eight years and we're still together. In the meantime, I've sobered up, become a Christian, a wife, and a mom, as well as many other changes that I don't really have time to get into right now.

7. Tag 5 people.

Well, crap. Once again everyone I would tag is tagged.

So, uh, whoever wants to tag themselves, have at it and drop me an email about it or something.


  • At 7:40 PM, Blogger Christian Johnson said…

    Peter Kreeft has an interesting book called "Socrates Meets Jesus" where he has Socrates encounter the Christian faith.

    The first two "books" are excellent, but Kreeft steals logical bases when he has Socrates make a positive argument in the third section.

    All in all though, the book is highly readable, and I could loan it to you.


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