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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Blogging Offline

(Written at Chili's in between sneaking peeks at the cool looking waitress)

So, things I learned this weekend. Why I still don’t like LA. It just feels….closed. I felt trapped all weekend. The hotel was tiny, the room was tiny and there was nowhere to really escape to because we were right by downtown, so it was nothing but tenements and office buildings for miles. No place to park that doesn’t cost you 6 bucks or more. And after only two days in LA I think I’m starting to realize why you see more people from LA talk about class division than in O.C. In LA the class differences are almost oppressively obvious. There are almost no signs of middle-class civilization like you see in OC, i.e. a proliferation of fast food restaurants, places like Chili’s or Denny’s that pretend to be restaurants but are very little above sit-down fast food, Kmart, Target, etc.

It’s all either way lower class liquor stores or way upper class Morton’s. It’s just weird.


  • At 10:31 PM, Blogger David N. Scott said…

    Yeah, definetely trapped. I thought getting out of the house would kick me in the ass creatively, but instead I just felt cramped.


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