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Friday, May 27, 2005


Ok, so really I should be getting to bed because we're supposed to wake up early tomorrow and finish making beef stew for the homeless shelter we volunteering at once a month, doing the cooking for the Saturday dinner. But instead, I'm messing around with my blog. I finally figured out how to get some pictures posted on here, as you can see over on the right there. As it so happens Anime Burgandy was designed and drawn by Omi of Counter Culture to be a banner ad, so it works well here, I think.

If you care, it's actually a cute story how I wound up with it. Read on if you're feeling mushy.

David didn't have a whole lot to spend on my anniversary present last year but wanted to get me something really special. So he sent a bunch of pictures of me over to Omi because he reads her comic and thinks she's a good artist and knows I like anime. He then commissioned her artistic abilities to make this very cute banner and ran it on her site as an ad that said "Happy Anniversary" on it. So, the when I went to read Counter Culture a couple of days before our anniversary, there it was. I thought it was really, really sweet, and probably the most creative present I have ever gotten. He even paid to keep it up there through my birthday (though the message changed, of course) since it was the following month.

Anyways, it has ever since been the picture I use when asked to use an avatar or post a pic, so thought I would share.


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