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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Boo

The Boo is aware of a disturbance in the Force. My daughter loves Star Wars...loves it. For the last month she has spent her allowance on nothing but Star Wars stuff (with the brief exception of our impromptu trip to Disneyland last week, wherein this obsession was switched to Buzz Lightyear toys). In fact, speaking of Disneyland, to illustrate my point, for quite a few days after a trip, if you asked her about Disneyland, the first thing she would tell you is that the man at the Star Wars ride said she was too little to ride it. So, she is getting more and more suspicious about the fact that even though she knows the new movie is coming out Wed. (How could she miss it?) she doesn't get to go first. (Actually, my hubbie is trying to negotiate a compromise wherein we will take her after we see it on Wed. at Midnight (Boo Freakin' Ya!), sometime this weekend, if she promises not to hold it against us if we go "ohh! Scary part!" and cover her eyes or something. )

Anyways, I have no idea why anyone would care about all that, but I'm putting off looking up Jack in the Box stuff for class, and realized I hadn't posted in awhile.


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