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Friday, May 13, 2005

Defining Oneself

So I'll toss out a question instead. Been pondering the Stay-At-Home Mom label. I think of myself as a stay-at-home mom because I'm a mom and, well, I stay at home. But my husband has pointed out that this label is generally misleading because I am also the main Escrow Officer for his mom's mortgage brokerage and work 20 hours or so a week at that, as well as going to college full-time (in a Professional Studies program so it's only a once a week thing, but full-time nonetheless), and I also spend about 2-3 hours a day doing Author's Assistant work for my not-published-yet-but-working-on-it writer of a husband. And, I split the household stuff with my mother-in-law, who in turn watches the Boo when I have to do document signings or whatnot. So my question is...am I a Stay-At-Home Mom still? Is there a Work-from-Home Mom catergory yet?

I actually dislike labels, but they are a heck of alot easier than spending 10 minutes trying to explain my home/work situation every time someone asks (which happens frequently when you start a new college class every 5 weeks).


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