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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

An Allowance?

Just thought I would clarify. Yes, my three year old gets an allowance, but not in the give her money to put in the piggy bank kind of way. She gets a piece of the family budget for the week that she can then spend on "Boo things", i.e. lightsabers, Yoda stuffed toys, and the current champion - the Darth Vader mask. This actually has resulted in us spending less on her, since it gives both us and her a budget, and she has a remarkable grasp on the situation for a three year old. She has been pleasently content with waiting until her next "payday" to get something and has shown a good grasp of budgeting already, such as trading the overpriced large Darth Vader stuffed toy for three of the smaller Star Wars stuffed toys. It's been a good experience so far, I think.

Plus, whenever my mum-in-law complains about her increasing stock of "boys toys" we can at least honestly say "Boo bought them".


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