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Monday, June 06, 2005

Where oh where is my Diet Sunkist?

So...still no sign of the elusive Diet Sunkist. Not that I've been looking all that hard, but one SavOn, one Albertsons, two 7-11s and a Blockbuster have yielded no results. This reminds me of when Vanilla Coke came out and David and I went on a hunt through O.C. to find one, until we finally tracked down a random AM/PM in Santa Ana that had them.

Meanwhile, a quick update, since I only post once in a blue moon. Ran Old School West End Games Star Wars 2nd edition this weekend. Our college professor buddy who only emerges during winter break and after spring finals played a Jawa Jedi. As I posted over on Cinerati, anyone who can think of an actual rules reason this should not be is free to let me know, but it was fun in its own goofy way, so I suppose I don't mind too much.

The lunch with old high school friend didn't happen, but I continue on with my mad return to the "1200" diet, nonetheless, since it's summer, and the 10 year H.S. reunion is less than a year a way. I have no idea why I care, but I do, so there. It's a reason, and as long as my fridge doesn't start growling at me, I figure I'm cool.

Ok, so off to watch "Big Fish", which somehow just never showed up on my cinematic radar last year, despite the fact that it's a Tim Burton flick. So, good night, or good morning, or whatever the heck time of day it is where ever you are!


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