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Monday, June 27, 2005


No comments, my hitcounter is pathetic (although it is set up only to grab unique hits, so I probably need to fix it), where is everyone? Do I just do this blog to amuse myself and David? Perhaps.

Anyways, if anyone is reading out there - prepared and served food at the soup kitchen this Saturday. It appears to be down to us and the guy from church that started this project Eric. Luckily Joe decided to tag along so it was the four of us making burgers and hot dogs and feeding the hungry. Which is still fun because we get hang out time with those guys and get to help out people who really need it. But it is still kind of sad in its own way that out of the hundred people or so who attend the church we used to call our home church the only people who show up on a regular basis to do the only outreach the church does (at least so far as I'm aware) are the guy who started it (Eric) and the couple that hasn't really attended the church since they moved across the county (us).

Meanwhile, the stated reason why not even the pastor showed up this week? Because all the other married couples (ourselves and Eric & his wife not included obviously) were out on a retreat in Palm Springs. Cute, real cute. Not that I have anything wrong with retreats or anything, but, uh, couldn't we schedule them on a different week than the church outreach that we only do once a month, on the same weekend every month? I know fellowship is important and all, and so is a good marriage, but I think caring for the poor should probably rank just a little higher on the church's priority list.

Anyways, just soapboxing as I sit on hold with the IRS and try to get back into "write my Philosophy final paper on my worldview" mode.


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